If you change your address, many government authorities require that you notify them of your change of address. Some government mail will not be forwarded, regardless of whether it is through the postal service or through a friend, family member, tenant, or other helpful party. (Almost all immigration mail will not be forwarded.) So, it is important to notify the proper government authorities. Even if you have an attorney, you are responsible for notifying the appropriate authorities. You should review the other possible requirements for address changes below. Please note, this is only a list of some of the most important notifications. You are responsible for making all the necessary notifications, including those not on this list. One important note: certain government mail may not be delivered if your name is not attached to an address. So, do not rely on a friend, tenant, family member, or other person forwarding government mail. You should always inform the government of your actual address, with certain exceptions such as temporary relocations for school, etc. 

Also, importantly, if you are a client, please ensure you notify Streff Legal of your move by filling out the form at the bottom of the page, regardless of which of the following apply to you.

Do I Need to Notify of My Address Change?

Most government authorities and other important services in your life only require that you notify them of permanent address changes. This typically includes when you are moving to a place with no intention of returning to your old address, no connection to your old address, and the intent to relocate indefinitely. You are often not required to notify authorities for temporary changes, such as for school, vacation, temporary work assignments, etc. Note, though, that placing a hold or forwarding your mail may disrupt your receipt of certain government documents. So, if you are expecting something important, ensure you know whether holds or forwards are advisable. If you have important legal matters pending, you should always contact your attorney if you have any questions about whether you are required or should notify of an address change, and how to ensure you receive legal documents, notices, etc.

U.S. Post Office

Notifying the U.S. Post Office will save a lot of hassle in getting much of your mail forwarded. Again, government mail is often not forwarded, and the US POSTAL SERVICE WILL NOT FORWARD OR HOLD MANY IMPORTANT PIECES OF MAIL FROM GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES. You should not rely on postal service forwarding for critical mailing. You should also read carefully the Postal Service's terms for forwarding, holds, etc. Learn more about Postal Service forwarding or address changes and set up your service/change at the U.S. Postal Service website.

Driver's License

In most states, including Streff Legal's State of Minnesota, almost all people will need to notify the state department of motor vehicles of an address change within a short period of a permanent address change. Minnesota requires that you change your address within 30 days of moving. Find out more at Minnesota's Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services website.

For All Non-U.S. Citizens

All Non-U.S. Citizens are required to notify U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services of their address change. This includes Permanent Residents and includes individuals with no applications/petitions pending. If you have any pending applications, however, you should also have your receipt numbers ready, and include those as you update your address. Please note, as mentioned before, US POSTAL SERVICE WILL NOT FORWARD OR HOLD MANY IMPORTANT PIECES OF MAIL FROM IMMIGRATION AUTHORITIES. So, if you are taking a temporary leave from your home and you are expecting an important immigration document such as a work card, Permanent Resident card, travel document, or approval notice, you should arrange for a person you trust to check your mail.

All non-U.S. citizens should fill out form AR-11 on address change, which you can do here: 


Please note, you should always update immigration on where you are currently residing on a permanent basis. (Permanent generally means any housing where you intend to live and don't intend to return to a previous home OR where you are living for an indefinite and not temporary period.) Even if your housing is temporary and you intend to find a more permanent location, if you don't intend to return to your previous address, you should notify immigration. So, even if you are renting with the intention to buy, you should notify immigration unless the temporary housing is very short-term. There are very limited exceptions to this, but you should contact an attorney if you are not certain.

For Individuals in Removal Proceedings (Deportation)

If you are in removal proceedings (deportation), even if your case is on hold, you must inform the court and the government prosecutor of your change of address. This is extremely important. An immigration judge can order you removed (deported) without you present if you fail to appear for a hearing because you failed to report an address change. Immigration hearings often change, so do not rely on a notice that your hearing is set out for a date in the future. Immigration hearings can often be rescheduled with short notice, so keeping your address current is very important. You must report your address change by filling out form EOIR-33. Go to this webpage and select your state to obtain your form:


You must send one copy to the immigration court at the address listed on the from (the form folds like a letter so that the address displays on the same page where you put the stamp). In addition to the folded form that is sent to the court, you must also send a copy to the government prosecutor. You will include your name, the date you sent the copy, the prosecutor's address, and your signature on the bottom of the first page of both forms that you send.

For Minnesota, the prosecutor's address is

DHS ICE Office of Chief Counsel
1 Federal Drive, Ste. 1800
Ft. Snelling, MN 55111

Please ensure you write this address on the bottom of the page, and send a copy to this address.

Notify Streff Legal

Please also let your attorney know about your change of address. For Streff Legal clients, please fill out the following form:

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