Going through a criminal proceeding is disorienting. If you are facing criminal charges, you are going to have to make some very complicated decisions without time to think. Should I plead? Should I ask the Judge to be forgiving, or should I keep silent? Should I even be here? Many criminal defendants make bad choices because they don't understand the process and their rights. 


An attorney who will listen to you.

Your attorney speaks for you: in front of the judge and in front of a jury. You deserve an attorney who listens to you: an attorney who can help you tell the judge or jury about your side. Or, often, why the facts of the prosecution don't add up. You deserve an attorney who will spend time with you to help you understand the process and make the best decisions.


If you are not a U.S. citizen, you may be at risk of deportation (removal) because of criminal proceedings. Here are the major "don'ts" if you're facing criminal charges:

  • DO NOT take a plea without consulting an immigration lawyer
  • DO NOT respond to questions from immigration authorities without a lawyer present
  • DO NOT respond to questions from other law enforcement without a lawyer present
  • DO NOT let any law enforcement into your home without a warrant

This includes U.S. Permanent Residents: you may lose your Permanent Residence from criminal charges. Find an immigration lawyer before you do anything that could cause problems for immigration, whether you have status or not. In most circumstances, YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO IMMIGRATION COUNSEL (though you do not have a right to free immigration counsel).