Streff Legal provides creative solutions for helping employers sponsor foreign nationals for work-authorized immigration status. Streff Legal has worked with companies ranging from Fortune 500s to small start-ups to develop a variety of pathways for different types of workers in different situations. The type of visa may depend a lot on the goals of the company.

  • Do you hope to engage a brilliant new recruit on a long-term basis? We might want to skip right over the currently cumbersome H-1B process and proceed straight to a PERM Labor Certification.
  • Are you looking to place a foreign executive on limited rotations to the U.S. in order to facilitate corporate cross-cultural exchanges? Believe it or not, an H-3 trainee visa might actually your most flexible and readily-accessible option.

Let's talk about your goals and see if we can find a solution. Click here to submit a business intake and fast-track your access to experienced immigration counsel. Or, if you would like to explore the options more on your own, take a look below at some of the many services that Streff Legal provides for employers seeking to sponsor foreign national workers.

What type of work visa is right for your employee? Click on one of the following options to learn more:


Getting a head start on your workforce demands is one of the key elements to successfully hiring foreign national workers. For instance, right now the H-1B category, one of the most important for professional workers, is reaching it's annual cap within the first week of filing starting April 1. For many employers, this means only a once-a-year opportunity to engage foreign workers. Employers must be very careful of the timing for hiring foreign national workers, and must plan immigration sponsorship well in advance. Employers may find it may take months or even years to develop sponsorship options. Don't delay in calling Matt at 612-399-6787 or e-mailing to determine how to navigate the timing issues, as well as what other alternatives may be available.


Whether your business is expanding domestically or internationally, Streff Legal can provide solutions for managing growth and developing staffing solutions that will enable small companies to and start-ups to grow, and medium-sized companies to prosper. With experience advising Fortune 500s and other complicated industries on compliance and HR issues, but with a mind to start-up and innovative development, Streff Legal can help you develop HR sophistication. Developing international talent is an excellent way to obtain the staffing and professionals you need. Streff Legal also provides a range of services related to compliance and HR management of immigration solutions, such as I-9 compliance and training.


Streff Legal provides comprehensive compliance training and advice to provide you peace of mind in staffing solutions. Matt has particular expertise in dealing with workforce authorization (I-9 issues), national origin discrimination, and other aspects of creating a workforce that will avoid employee complaints and ready an employer should the government take action. Matt regularly gives training presentations to HR and related professionals to foster engagement and discussion about compliance activities. Let's work together to turn best practices into actual practices.