Will the President's action give you security? The answer: well, it's complicated. The President says you don't need an attorney. The President has also deported more people than any other previous President. You should get the facts. You should talk to an attorney. Seriously. There's a lot at stake. You know this. Your family, your work, your life. Let's talk about these things honestly.

The good news... there are a lot of possibilities and opportunites right now. I would be honored to help you explore these. I don't charge for the first telephone consult. Let's talk: 612-399-6787. A few moments of your time and we can figure out many possibilities.


President Obama has made it easy for some people to get work authorization. If you came to the U.S. as a child, you may be able to get work authorization. If you are a parent of U.S. citizen, you may also be able to get work authorization. If you are a spouse of a work-authorized employee, you also may be able to get work authorizaiton. It's complicated, and you don't want to risk having the wrong information. Much of this is uncertain right now, but if you want the most recent and accurate update on what's going on, just give me a call.

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There are a lot of opportunities for families, too in the immigration world. Having family in the U.S. can also give you options for immigration status. If you or your immediate family member are a U.S. citizen, we might be able to get you status with very little effort. Let's explore what your options are. We can fend off deportation. We can find asylum. We can work together to make immigration less of a concern and building your life and your family the most important thing. That is what is important. Call or text to 612-399-6787 and we can talk.


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