Connecting Professional Services

Setting up a business in the United States requires an understanding of a host of laws and regulations. Streff Legal works with businesses to focus on growth while protecting businesses from legal liability.

Streff Legal's founder Matt Streff has experience helping new business owners navigate the complicated aspects of national and international business arrangements, as well as the comprehensive compliance issues required to operate a successful business in the U.S.

For many businesses, Streff Legal provides limited representation specific to a client's needs at the particular time.

Many clients may find that Streff Legal can provide substantial assistance for legal needs at reasonable rates.


STREFF LEGAL GENERAL COUNSEL is a dedicated service operated under an indivdualized contract, wherein STREFF LEGAL provides legal services

Growing Companies - Expand While Protecting Your Interests

International Business - Learn to Understand Business in the United States and Promote International Growth

New Companies - Let STREFF LEGAL Guide You to New Opportunities