New!! Streff Legal opens LegalSteps.Online, A Practical Guide for Legal Travelers

Streff Legal is proud to open its new blog: LegalSteps.Online: A Practical Guide for Legal Travelers.

A quick rundown what to expect:

LegalSteps.Online will include some basic how-to's, as well as more thoughtful discussions on legal issues. So, you may find useful information whether you are a fellow lawyer or just trying to get basic information on your legal issue. Look for TAGS like "Basic Legal How-to", "Practical Legal Issues," or "Advanced Legal Discussion" to determine if a post is right for you. Discussion of upcoming legislative or other political developments will get the TAGS "Politics."

So, who do you mean by "Legal Travelers?" Well, we all face legal challenges. LegalSteps.Online is geared towards those travelers on journeys that will require specialized legal attention. Your journey might be...

  • Seeking employment in a country of immense opportunity,
  • Getting ready for a marriage that crosses borders,
  • Building a business through international opportunities,
  • Ensuring your company is implementing best HR immigration, compliance, and non-discrimination practices,
  • Speaking out to protect your rights and the rights of others, or
  • Maybe just putting some bad decisions behind you.

No matter your journey, LegalSteps.Online will aim to provide practical advice that you can use to better understand your situation and figure out how to move forward.

Check back often to find information useful to you. Many LegalSteps.Online postings will also be available on Streff Legal's Facebook page and Twitter feed. Use the links in the navigation bar to subscribe to Streff Legal on Facebook and Twitter. 

Also, if you have topic ideas and would like to see a posting on a certain subject, e-mail Matt at Include "LegalSteps.Online" in the subject line so Matt knows you're making a suggestion for the blog.

I hope you will find useful information on this blog in the future!! -Matt