Streff Legal Online Scheduling Policy: By utilizing Streff Legal, PLLC (Streff Legal)'s online scheduling, user agrees to abide by these terms, including terms for payment of appointment fees, scheduling appointments through the online system, cancelling appointments through the online system, rescheduling appointments through the online system, and refunds resulting from appointments that were not completed. User agrees that Streff Legal may cancel appointments made through the online system. If appointment is cancelled or rejected by Streff Legal, User will be issued a refund of the deposit. User will not be entitled to a refund for appointments cancelled or rescheduled by user less than 2 hours prior to scheduled time, which are deemed untimely. This agreement is made in line with Rule 1.5 of the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct (MPRC) and all terms are governed by the laws of Minnesota. User forfeits all rights to legal claims raised outside the State of Minnesota. User understands that no attorney-client relationship is formed by using the online scheduling system, and that no attorney-client relationship will be formed until user executes a signed contract in writing pursuant to a valid offer by Streff Legal. User understands that Streff Legal will provide legal advice only to the extent Streff Legal attorney(s) are able to do so based on the information provided by user. User understands that Streff Legal will only provide legal advice on deadlines or statutes of limitations after user executes a signed contract pursuant to a valid offer by Streff Legal, and that prior to such execution, Streff Legal makes no claim to have sufficient information to provide legal opinions on deadlines or statutes of limitations, and any such representations regarding timing prior to execution of a contract are rough estimates based on the best information provided by user at the time. User understands that the user's legal rights or the rights of others may be limited based on time, and that user should seek the advice of an attorney outside Streff Legal regarding timing until a contract is signed. User should seek to sign and comply with the terms of contract in a timely manner in order for Streff Legal to provide accurate legal advice related to timing of a case. This agreement is divisible and any part found invalid by law will not invalidate the other terms of this agreement.

DEPOSIT: User understands that booking a consultation requires a deposit. The deposit is only to request a scheduled appointment through the online system and will be applied to any consultation fees. User forfeits the deposit upon cancellation. Consultation fees can be at a flat rate or can include an attorney's full regular hourly rate billed in 0.10 hour increments (every six minutes) at the maximum rate attorney is charging regularly to clients at the time of the scheduled appointment. User has the responsibility to inquire about the consultation rate, otherwise Streff Legal may charge up to its full hourly rate. User agrees that Streff Legal may utilize any payment information provided to pay for such charges and authorizes Streff Legal to charge to any payment method user has provided to Streff Legal within 10 days of notification of user of charges in the form of an invoice provided to user at the e-mail provided by user in the online system. 

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING CONFIDENTIALITY: User understands that information provided via the online systems (other than credit card information) may be shared with other parties, though only insofar as to facilitate scheduling, and accordingly user waives confidentiality for information provided on the online systems to the extent convenient by Streff Legal to facilitate scheduling. User understands that information provided on the online systems (other than credit card information) is not secure and that user may request a secure confidential login to a separate online portal in order to share confidential information, and/or may reserve confidential information for phone calls, in-person meetings, or other reasonably secure means. User may also opt to not use the online scheduling system and may call 612-399-6787 or e-mail to schedule an appointment or request secure communication in order to keep confidential information such as full name, case information, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING TIMING:  Streff Legal may offer an opinion regarding the timing of legal claims based on the best information available while connecting with User under this policy. User acknowledges that such an opinion will require further review, and User agrees as a condition for using services under this policy that Streff Legal will not be legally responsible for failure to make a timely legal claim or response or otherwise take legal action unless User enters a full representation agreement with Streff Legal. Streff Legal will provide, without charge, an explanation as to whether or not a full representation agreement has been entered or whether an attorney-client relationship has been formed based on User's to-date interaction with Streff Legal. User should not assume Streff Legal will take any legal action based on interactions covered under this policy absent this consultation, and User here indemnifies Streff Legal against any consequences pursuant to the limited representation arrangement established under this policy.